Centre of Excellence on Human Factors, Ergonomics and Professional Development


 The Centre of Excellence on Human Factors, Ergonomics and Professional Development

is  a consortium of experts established to  create and share knowledge as well as to develop skills and attitudes for professionals that will improve their performance and help them achieve their professional and personal aspirations and goals.

 About the Centre of Excellence

The Centre manages and shares knowledge concerning the means to improving professional performance, efficiency, creativity, productivity and professional fulfillment. Its main activities focus on the education and training of professionals from a diverse range of industries and socioeconomic settings.

The Centre furthers serious consideration for professionals to acquire specific certified knowledge and competencies in many areas including: human factors principles as a resource to harness, human factors engineering in the development of effective health care settings, cognitive ergonomics as the means to personal and professional improvement, human factors and standardization, development of soft skills (good communication, building of effective teams), and many others.

The Centre creates opportunities for professionals to learn from, be inspired by high-level trainers, and collaborate with peers. The professional development programmes include seminars, workshops, conferences, in-person training, web-based courses and interactive simulation, and are open to every level of the human workforce – from senior executives and leaders to frontline operators and workers. Training is implemented in supportive and harmonious ambient environments.


Educators & Experts

Sociologist - Part-time Lecturer at Reims University - Trainer & Coach

World Health Organization, Service Delivery & Safety, Consultant - MD PHD Neurologist - Educational Coordinator

Pedagogist, Psychopedagogist, Music Therapist specialized at the Royal London Hospital
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