Youth orientation

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Youth orientation

The support of young people aims at detecting their resources and blocks to lead them not only towards more success in terms of academic performance, but above all enlighten them on their life path, while giving them a direction and building a similarity between their project and school life.

Youth training course : Custom Professional Project

Do you feel confused and undecided? Are you inactive and passive? Do you have no idea on how to orient your career: “Which studies? Which job? And for which future professional world? In 5 days, identify what you like to do, your skills, your image, your professional path. The importance of this step is to define what YOU like to do.

The extras

Youth training is a priority for People Primetime. On some seminars & trainings those under the age of 21 benefit from a preferential rate of €20 per day and conferences and theme nights are free of charge for them.


stage pour les jeunes - orientation professionnelleTraining  for teenagers (15-20 ans) – in French / English

Luxembourg Spring 2015

Vocational guidance and educational choices inspired by the Custom Professional Project of the University of Reims

  • Outdoor activities
  • Improvisational
  • Self-image: what to wear, charisma, non-verbal attitudes…

Detailed program, information, pre-registration


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