Dr. Agnès Leotsakos

Dr. Agnès Leotsakos
World Health Organization, Program Lead, Patient Safety Education & Global Capacity Building, Service Delivery and Safety

Agnès Leotsakos is Leader of Global Capacity Building and Education in Safety and Quality of Service Delivery at the Service Delivery and Safety (SDS) Department of WHO. She also leads the programmes of Standardization in Healthcare and Patient Safety Solutions.

Since her appointment at WHO Headquarters, in Geneva, in 1998 she has lead projects within several WHO programmes including communicable diseases and macroeconomics and health.

She serves as chair in several patient safety global committees. She is a member of ISQua’s education committee, WHO representative at the High5s Steering Group and ex officio member of DNV Healthcare’s Global Advisory Board.

Agnès Leotsakos background has been in medical research, lecturing, and directing projects related to campaigning of health programmes within European and developing countries. She has authored 70 peer-reviewed and non-technical papers and served as managing editor of 12 WHO Reports.

Agnès Leotsakos has a Ph.D. in Biomedicine and Biochemistry, and over 20 years’ experience in global public health.

Sociologue - Enseignant à l'Université de Reims - Coach MCC

Adjunct Senior Lecturer at University of Luxembourg and Senior Expert Lean Six Sigma at Learning Factory

Pedagogist, Psychopedagogist, Music Therapist specialized at the Royal London Hospital

World Health Organization, Service Delivery & Safety, Consultant - MD PHD Neurologist - Educational Coordinator

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