Dr. Ivo Cilesi

Dr. Ivo Cilesi
Pedagogist | Psychopedagogist | Music Therapist specialized at the Royal London Hospital

Training Professor of Communication Courses for Professors & Health Care

Professionals, specially on Drug-Free Therapies, the Doll Therapy, Non-Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Rehabilitation, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Sign Codes & Non-Verbal Affective Codes at Care Centers & Hospitals in Italy and Abroad

Current Work Experiences

  • Head Doctor of Drug-Free Therapies for dementia sufferers at Segesta-Korian Group (Milan)
  • Head Doctor of the Drug-Free Therapy Service at Briolini Gazzaniga Hospital, Major Alzheimer Center, and the European Foundation for Biomedical Research (FERB), Bergamo.
  • Professor at Lugano’s Medical-Technical School (Switzerland)
  • Consultant at Goteborg’s Alzheimer Center (Sweden)
  • Consultant for the Drug-free Therapy Service at Santa Maria Ausiliatrice Foundation (Bergamo)
  • Head Doctor of Cuba’s first Doll Therapy experiment in collaboration with Havana’s Institute of
  • Neurosciences and the University of Havana
  • Head Doctor and Supervisor of Doll Therapy Experiments in Italy
  • Creator of the Doll Therapy methodology and protocols
  • Professor of Training Courses on the Doll Therapy in Italy and abroad
  • Collaborator with the Research Laboratory from Milan’s Technical School (School of Design for
  • Innovative Health Care Projects devised for Alzheimer sufferers)
  • Creator of the Interactive Space Sensory Care model (I.S.S.C.) for dementia sufferers and their caregivers.

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?
Albert Einstein

Sociologue - Enseignant à l'Université de Reims - Coach MCC

Adjunct Senior Lecturer at University of Luxembourg and Senior Expert Lean Six Sigma at Learning Factory

Pedagogist, Psychopedagogist, Music Therapist specialized at the Royal London Hospital

World Health Organization, Service Delivery & Safety, Consultant - MD PHD Neurologist - Educational Coordinator

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